For all members to use the Tsukuba Alumni Network (T-Net) without anxiety, it is restricted to graduates, students with postgraduate degrees, students with student ID numbers who had been enrolled in our university, current students, former teaching and university staff, current teaching and university staff, and other persons recognized by our university. To register, read the following particulars carefully and proceed.

Registration process

Complete the necessary particulars in the registration window and proceed.

The university will go through the recognition procedure based on your registered information. (This might take several days.)

After the recognition procedure, an e-mail will be sent by the secretariat to your registered e-mail address, 
completing the registration.

We apologize in advance for the university can only register those it can recognize.
The recognition procedure may take more than a week.

Registration is only open to those who agree to the “Tsukuba Alumni Network (T-Net) Website Terms of Use”.

Terms of Service for the Tsukuba Alumni Network (T-Net) Website

Article 1 Purpose
These terms of service shall provide for necessary matters concerning the use of the Tsukuba Alumni Network (T-Net) Website operated by the University of Tsukuba (hereinafter referred to as “our university”) for the purposes of setting up a “University of Tsukuba

Article 2 Definitions
In these terms of service, the meanings of the terms listed in the following items shall be as prescribed in those items:
(i) This website shall mean the website called “Tsukuba Alumni Network (T-Net) Website” operated by our university (
(ii) This service shall mean all services provided on this website.
(iii) Member shall mean a person who is registered to use this service.
(iv) Posting shall mean an act of uploading information onto this service by the member.

Article 3 Consent of the Member
The member shall be deemed to have consented to the particulars set forth in our terms through the use of this service.

Article 4 Member
Any person listed in the following items may use this service as a member in the case where an application for registration to this service as specified separately has been filed and approved.
(i) Graduates and former teaching and university staff of our university (including predecessors of the University of Tsukuba)
(ii) Exchange students who received student ID numbers
(iii) Current students and teaching and university staff of our university
(iv) Other persons approved by our university

Article 5 Protection of Personal Information
1.Our university properly protects the personal information of members and observes the “privacy policy” posted in this service.
2.With respect to the information in this service, our university may access its content irrespective of being public or non-public with the exception of the content of a message sent and received between members.
3.Our university shall honor confidentiality of communications of members pursuant to the provisions of Article 4 of the Telecommunications Business Act (Act No. 86 of 1984).
4.Our university shall not disclose or leak out personal information gathered through offering service in this website to a third party with the exception of the cases listed in the following items:
(i) In the case where an inquiry is lawfully made by the court, police, administrative organ, or other equivalent agencies.
(ii) In the case where a problem occurs in this website or the maintenance of this website.
(iii) In the case where there is a violation of any law, regulation, or this rule and our university finds that there is a problem in general societal terms.
(iv) In the case where our university finds it necessary to protect life, body, property, or other rights of others.
(v) In the case where our university finds that requirements of the demand for disclosure pursuant to the provisions of Article 4 of the Act on the Limitation of Liability for Damages of Specified Telecommunications Service Providers and the Right to Demand Disclosure of Identification Information of the Senders (Act. No. 137 of 2001) are satisfied.

Article 6 Member Responsibilities
1.The member shall use this service accepting full responsibility and shall be liable with respect to any and all acts and their consequences in the use of this service.
2.The responsibility related to posted information by the member shall be borne by the member himself/hersel.
3.In the cases of defamation and infringement on the right to privacy of others, disclosure of private information of a third party without permission, committing of an act that violates the Copyright Act (Act No. 48 of 1970), or other infringement on the right of others by the member, said member must resolve it on one’s own responsibility and at one’s own expense.
4.The member shall be aware that there is no obligation on our university to keep posted information and make a backup when needed and relevant.

Article 7 Prohibited Acts
1.The member shall be prohibited to commit any one of the acts listed in the following items in the use of this service.
(i) An act of soliciting or encouraging acts in violation of laws and regulations
(ii) An act of infringing or which may infringe intellectual property rights including copyrights and trademark rights of other persons
(iii) An act of infringing or which may infringe reputation, trustworthiness, privacy, or other rights of others
(iv) An act of defaming or slandering or an act of causing psychological damage to other members, a third party, or this website
(v) An act of expression leading to discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, race, gender, age, etc.
(vi) A post of a violent or grotesque photo or other images or expressions that make general members feel uncomfortable
(vii) A post of an image, document, etc. that falls into the category of immorality or child abuse
(viii) A post of a link to a website where one can access, download, and purchase child prostitution or pornographic visual image (video, DVD, and CD-R)
(ix) An act of seeking a meeting intended for sex or indecent acts
(x) A post of an image or expression likely to beautify, provoke and encourage suicide, self-injury, drug abuse, etc.
(xi) A religious activity or act similar thereto
(xii) A political activity or act similar thereto
(xiii) An election campaign or act similar thereto or an act in violation of the Public Offices Election Act
(xiv) An act of posting information or creating a community intended for commercial use including promoting and soliciting or a post of information to the community, etc. assumed to be different from the intent of members
(xv) An act of using this service impersonating another member or a third party
(xvi) An act of transferring the letter of invitation to a third party or an act of transferring and lending the account to a third party
(xvii) Sending or posting a number of e-mails that are identical in meaning through use of the mail function, etc. (including multi-post, spam e-mail, and chain mail)
(xviii) An act of posting personal information that is likely to be identified in a location where a number of members including a bulletin board may access (such as bank account number, credit card number, telephone number, and address)
(xix) An act of collecting and storing personal information of other members
(xx) An act of falsifying or deleting information available in this service
(xxi) An act of copying, uploading, posting, transferring, distributing, etc. without prior consent with respect to the entries for this service
(xxii) An act of using or providing or an act of recommending a harmful program including a computer virus
(xxiii) An act of placing a burden on the server that is providing this service and an act of obstructing access or operation of other members
(xxiv) An act of obstructing the operation or network system of this service
(xxv) An act of being offensive to public order and morals
(xxvi) Other acts which are judged to be inappropriate in light of the purpose of the provision of this service
2.In the case where our university judged that the act of the user falls under the prohibited acts listed in the preceding paragraph, the said section will be deleted from the information and use of this service may be suspended, without prior notice to the said user. In addition, any questions and complaints with respect to the deletion, etc. will not be accepted.

Article 8 Addition and Changes in This Service
Our university may make additions and changes in this service according to our university’s commitments, without prior notice to the member.

Article 9 Suspension of This Service
Our university may temporarily suspend the provision of this service in any of the following cases, without prior notice to the member.
(i) In the case of an impediment to equipment of this service
(ii) In the case of maintenance or construction of equipment of this service
(iii) Other cases where our university judged it necessary to temporarily suspend this service operationally or technically

Article 10 Termination of This Service
Our university may terminate this service or a part of this service upon prior notice to the member. In addition, our university shall be discharged from compensation for any damage, loss, and other expenses, which have arisen to the member upon the termination of this service.

Article 11 Withdrawal
A member shall be withdrawn from this service once the application and procedure for withdrawal in our university have been completed.

Article 12 Permission to Use Information
1. Our university may publish in the form of a report, manual, etc, without prior notice for non-commercial purposes such as to provide convenience for the member or disseminate on and off campus the meaning of this service upon proofreading information and making the necessary revision.
2. A member shall grant our university a royalty-free license to use with respect to the copyright and author’s moral right for information upon the publication of the report, manual, etc.

Article 13 Disclaimer
1. In the case where there was a dispute on communication and activity between members, it shall be resolved between the said members and our university shall not be responsible.
2. The member shall be responsible for the matters listed in each of the following items and our university shall not be responsible in principle with the exception of the cases of use listed in the preceding Article. (i) In the case where the member causes any damage to another member or a third party by the use of this service
(ii) Incurred damage and loss by the member by the use of this service
(iii) Guarantee of the certainty, usefulness, accuracy, and perfection of the information received by the member through this service
(iv) Expenses related to connection billed by a telecommunication operator or telephone company incurred upon the use of this service
(v) Guarantee of the performance of the equipment, software, etc. used by the member to use this service
(vi) Damage caused by an inability to use this service

Article 14 Changes to the Terms of Service
1. These terms of service may be changed at the discretion of our university.
2. In the case where the member continues to use this service after changes have been made in these terms of service, he/she shall be deemed to have consented to the said changes.
3. The changes in the terms of service shall become effective once shown on this website, with the exception of the cases specified separately by our university.

Article 15 Applicable Law
These terms of service shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

Article 16 Court of Jurisdiction
The Tsuchiura Branch of the Mito District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance over disputes that have occurred between our university and members in reference to these terms of service.

Supplementary Provision
These terms of service shall come into effect as from October 1, 2015.


University of Tsukuba Overseas Offices


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