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「J-WAVE INNOVATION WORLD FESTA 2017 Supported by CHINTAI」held June 3 at Tsukuba Capio


The second Innovation World Festa was organized by students of the University of Tsukuba in collaboration with J-WAVE radio station.

At the opening ceremony, University President Nagata was looking and feeling young as he greeted the audience, saying 'University is a place for education and research. It should be innovative in the arts and sciences. And it is you the trendy young generation who promote the new.'

Among the many attractions, highlights were the presence of Assistant Professor Yoichi Ochiai (who described himself as a media artist), Tsukuba alumnus Akira Morikawa (well-known entrepreneur), and a performance by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (famous pop singer).

The Empowerment Informatics Master Program showcased its giant robot operation in the "experience technology" area.
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