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Cross-regional exchange takes place – an offshoot of the Overseas Alumni Conference


After the 2nd Overseas Alumni Conference held last September, with alumni and student reps from 13 countries/regions, further exchanges were held.

Dr. Mohamed Kefi, Tunisian alumni representative, on a business trip to Vietnam from Nov. 27 to Dec. 1, contacted Mr. Son Nguyen Van whom he got to meet at the 2nd Overseas Alumni Conference in Tsukuba. Dr. Kefi was able to meet up with the President and Vice President of the Vietnamese Alumni of Tsukuba, Northern Region, in Hanoi. They discussed the possibility of future joint researches as well as how to improve and strengthen the local and cross-regional networks. Dr. Kefi appreciated the hospitality of the local Tsukuba alumni.

We look forward to hearing more of these cross-regional collaborations.


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