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New local group pages


Almost eight months have now passed since we launched T-Net in October 2015. The number of registrants has been constantly increasing, and to date, we have over 800 members. Moreover, starting with 16 local association pages at its launch, T-Net now has a total of 22 (up by six).

■Local association pages added since October 2015■
University of Tsukuba MBA-IB Alumni Association
University of Tsukuba Tunisia Alumni Association (UTTAA)
University of Tsukuba Korea Alumni Association
University of Tsukuba Brazilian Alumni Association
The Association of African Students, University of Tsukuba (AASUT)
University of Tsukuba Thai Alumni Association

If you opt to receive local association news, change your settings through “Profile Update”. It is also where you may update your information anytime if your situation has changed since you last registered (e.g., job/location changes).


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