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Tsukuba English Debate Team won the championship!


April & May saw the biggest debate tournament of the first semester (taking place on the 30th, April, 1st, 7th, and 8th, May), the JNDT (Japan National Debate Tournament), backed by the Ministry of Science and Education. For the east Japan qualifying, a team from the Tsukuba E. S. S. with members Mr. Yamakawa Ryo (Junior, Department of International Studies) and Mr. Iida Yuta (Junior, Department of Social Sciences) passed with the highest score of all teams. We are excited to announce that they have won the JNDT 2016! Aiso Mr. Chi Ryoun (Sophomore, Department of Engineering Systems) and Mr. Fukuda Kouki (Sophomore, Department of Policy and Plannig Sciences)worked very hard.
First place: Mr. Yamakawa Ryo & Mr. Iida Yuta
4th team prize: Mr. Chi Ryoun & Mr. Fukuda Kouki
First place: Mr. Yamakawa Ryo
Third place: Mr. Iida Yuta
Fourth place: Mr. Chi Ryoun

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