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Report of the first activity of University of Tsukuba Tunisia Alumni Association (1)


On January 18th, 2016, Dr. Mitsuteru IRIE, Associate Professor, Faculty of Life and Environmental Science, University of Tsukuba was invited to Ecopark of Borj Cedria by our association. We requested him to make a presentation about his research related to water resources management and to give an overview of University of Tsukuba programs for foreign students as well as daily life and scholarship opportunities.
The presentations were done at the High Institute of Environmental Science and Technology of Borj Cedria. About 45 students and researchers attended this event. They were all satisfied with the presentations. The students were very interested and motivated to take part in university of Tsukuba programs and the researchers were also keen to make fruitful collaborations with the university. They had long and interesting discussions with Dr. Irie who was willing to answer all the questions.


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