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Welcome back to Tsukuba! Our alumna, President Joy Sorrosa, DNSC, Philippines


 On May 30, 2023, Dr. Joy Sorrosa, President of Davao del Norte State College (DNSC), Philippines, visited the University of Tsukuba and held talks with Vice President IKEDA Jun (Global Affairs), Prof. SAKURAI Takeaki (Director, Office of Global Initiatives) and Assoc. Prof. NOMURA Nakao (Regional Director of South East Asia). President Joy Sorrosa earned doctorate degree from the University of Tsukuba in 2005.
 During the discussion, the president introduced DNSC and expressed memories of University of Tsukuba. They exchanged opinions on future research cooperation.

 After the courtesy visit, Dr. Sorrosa met current students from Philippines. The students introduced each research and activities of Filipino Students Association, She heard it with interest and advised them based on her experiences in Japan, as Senpai (a senior). She spent relax and fun afternoon at her alma mater.


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