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Alumni meet in Laos ! To strengthen the alumni association.


 On Wednesday, March 22 a University of Tsukuba alumni reunion was held in Vientiane (Laos).
 Nine graduates gathered in a private room at a long-established restaurant that is famous for being visited by leaders of various countries and the royal family and Associate Professor Nakao Nomura, who was visiting Laos, and three employees from our university who accompanied him on a short-term overseas training program also participated. The graduates work in a wide variety of places, including the local embassy, JICA, financial institutions, and private companies. Not only graduates who have returned to Laos after graduating from our university, but also Japanese graduates currently stationed in Laos participated. Everyone was happy to see each other and Associate Professor Nomura again after a long time. It was a lively gathering where Laotian, English, and Japanese were spoken.
 Some graduates have said that they would like to visit the University of Tsukuba with their families during the 50th anniversary of the university's founding in October this year. It is hoped that this reunion will lead to the expansion of the circle of graduates.


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創基151年 筑波大学50周年記念