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University of Tsukuba T-Net News in August, 2022


●Tsukuba Global Science Week (TGSW), Registration starts now! 
 Registration for TGSW 2022, to be held Sept. 26-30th, is now open! This year, the event will be held in both online and hybrid, so overseas participants are welcome to attend.
TGSW 2022

●University of Tsukuba FC successfully raised funds for the renovation of the soccer field through crowdfunding!
 With the support of famous athletes and officials from our University, they took on the challenge of a crowdfunding project to replace the decrepit artificial turf. They succeeded in raising funds well above their goal, proving their expectations and popularity.
University of Tsukuba FC Crowd Funding (JP)

●Ukrainian students started their campus life in Tsukuba!
 International students from Ukraine are arriving on campus one after another. Special Japanese language classes have been established on campus to help them adjust smoothly to life in Japan, and a variety of support services have begun.
Ukrainian Students Take Summer Japanese Language Classes (JP)


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