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University of Tsukuba T-Net News in June, 2022


The rainy season in Tsukuba ended in June, three weeks earlier than usual. Our campus is bustling with students right before exams start under the summer sun.

In May, the 46th Spring Sports Day was held on the campus for two days. While respecting Covid-19 prevention measures, many students including freshmen, enjoyed a variety of sports including futsal, basketball, e-sports, and more!

The 48th Yadokari Festival was also held, and since it was the first festival in three years, students put a lot of effort into preparing and running it.

From the open-air stages to the fire character performances, it was a festival not to be missed!

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This time, we would also like to share an article introducing Dr. Joy M. Sorrosa, an alumna who is now head of the Davao del Norte State College (DNSC). Please read what she has to share with you on the link below.

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