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University of Tsukuba: News round-up for 2021!


① Tokyo 2020: In November, when the campus turned golden, our campus mailbox was also turning gold! This golden mailbox has been installed in the University of Tsukuba to honour Mr. Nagase, gold medalist, a former student of Tsukuba University. “Gold” (kin) being one of 2021’s popular keywords, as it’s been voted Kanji of the year as well.

② Covid-19: Around 8000 students and staff received two doses in the Tsukuba campus.
Groceries such as rice, cup noodles and sweet potatoes, were also distributed to help students in need. Former students and companies participated by providing some of the groceries.

③ Beyond the University: Ibaraki Prefecture reclaimed once again the “least attractive prefecture” title but have you thought about what Ibaraki has to offer? This article might show you a different side.

That's why the University of Tsukuba was able to implement the above food aid program for our students!

④ SNS: Interact with former and current students with the 筑波大学あるある hashtag on Twitter!
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