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Homecoming Day & University festival “Sohosai” on Nov. 6


[Homecoming Event Information]

As homecoming event Vol.2, UT Homecoming day will be held on Nov.6, this Saturday!
Please feel free to apply and enjoy chatting with many friends of Tsukuba with drinking and eating.
UT Festival, Sohosai that will be held on the same day will also be streamed online. Please check it out as well.

●University of Tsukuba Online Homecoming Day

Start from 18:00 (JST) on November 6 (Saturday), 2021 *No participation fees required.
Part 1: Live stream on YouTube “Online Talk Show” 18:00-19:30 (JST)
Anyone can watch as below links

YouTube [In English; Simultaneous English interpretation]

YouTube [In Japanese; Live voice]

Facebook [In Japanese; Live voice]

Part 2: Online social gathering on oVice 19:45 - 21:00

Pre-registration needed. Click Here to register.
(This is the same form as the alumni event on Oct.30, so this participants don’t need to register again.)

For more information,
UT Online Homecoming Day

●University of Tsukuba Festival (Sohosai)

Date: Nov. 6 & Nov 7, 2021 *No registration and participation fees required.
Starts from 10:00AM on Nov. 6 (JST) .
Click Here to watch it.


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