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Online Homecoming Day (AY 2020)


 Homecoming Day will be held on a week later, next Saturday!
Simultaneous translation will be provided in English and Japanese. Graduates outside Japan, invite your old friends and watch the event with them.

●Date and Time
 Start from 19:00 (JST) on November 7 (Sat.)

◇Part 1 Live stream
 * Both the audio for the interpretation and original video can be delivered on this Facebook!!
(Original voices and video:

1) Opening address
2) President’s address
3) Guest’s address
4) Kanpai (Bring your own drink.)
5) Talk show
①World-class Woman Athlete Talk Show
Moderator: Prof. YAMAGUCHI Kaori, (Judo)
Panelists: Ms. KAJIHARA Yumi (Track cycling, master student)
Ms. SERYU Monika (Paracanoe, undergrad student)
②Talk Show: Our Awesome University of Tsukuba Branding
Dr. NOBORI Daiyuu, Co-Creative Producer
Dr. OCHIAI Yoichi, Associate Professor
③University of Tsukuba Quiz
6) Closing address

◇Part 2 Online social gathering on Zoom** (approx. start from 20:45 (JST))
* Attendees need to register in advance**

To attend the “Part2 Online social gathering”, please register on the link below.

●Registration form for Part 2 online social gathering

*Please register in advance if you are not yet a member of T-Net.

●Contact information for overseas alumni:
Tsukuba Alumni Network (Global Commons, University of Tsukuba)
E-mail: (※: Substitute "#@#" with "@".)


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