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Request for Your Cooperation and Support to the Emergency Relief Fund for Students Affected by COVID-19


Dear alumni and affiliates of the University of Tsukuba,

First, allow me to offer my sincerest condolences on those who died of COVID-19 and to their families and those involved at this time of sorrow.
Furthermore, I would like to tender my cordial thanks to those concerned across the globe who are battling in the front lines against this danger.

And now, our university is extending economic assistance to support current students who are in trouble by the impact of COVID-19.
In the midst of social upheaval that they haven't experienced before, to continue their studies and support their future, we would appreciate your cooperation and assistance. For details, refer to the message from our president.


▼To rescue the future, a shout-out to all students 【University of Tsukuba Support Project】※Available only in Japanese

A segment about students of our university who are in need from the effect of COVID-19 was aired by Hodo Station (TV Asahi) on May 27 (Wednesday).
Check the following website of the TV program.※ Available only in Japanese

Thank you for your kind consideration.


University of Tsukuba Overseas Offices


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