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Holding of the International Alumni Networking Event for the 10th Anniversary of G30


The International Alumni Networking Event was held, co-organized by Global Commons, the Office of Global Initiatives, and Division of Career Services of the University of Tsukuba on November 3.

This event took place in Global Village of this university during the University of Tsukuba festival (Sohosai from November 2 to 4) and conducted with the goals of sharing memories of this university and extending networks by the common University of Tsukuba "ties” through exchange with alumni, current students, faculty members, employees, with them realizing the “present” of their cherished alma mater through the university festival event.

There were about 50 participants revolving around alumni who work in Japan and current international students and the Division of Career Services also presented topics of work after graduation for international students on this day. The event acted as a place for alumni and current international students to develop good exchange.

Furthermore, this academic year is the 10th year after the university was selected to be a member of the Global 30 Project. We also invited emeritus professors who were committed to the G30 project but have already retired and requested them to speak of their recollections of the period.

The University of Tsukuba will provide opportunities of network growth for international students.

●University of Tsukuba
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