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The Association of Tsukuba Alumni (Indonesia)

The Association of Tsukuba Alumni (Indonesia)

"Ikatan Alumni Tsukuba” is an association of the alumni of the University of Tsukuba from Indonesia.
It was established in August 2015. Previously the alumni had meetings mainly in Bandung and Jakarta. Then the alumni of the University of Tsukuba realized the necessity to come together and establish an association of all University of Tsukuba alumni in Indonesia.
The right on membership have all Indonesian people who spent at least three months in Tsukuba City, as well as people who spent time at the University of Tsukuba under a post-doctoral program, a training program, visiting researcher or student exchange programs.
In order to make better communication, recognition and local activities of our members, we established area coordinators, as it can be seen on the map.


Time Line

Meeting with the area coordinator in Banda Aceh ( North Sumatra)
Tsukuba alumni family gathering