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President Nagata attends University of Tsukuba Thai Alumni Association general assembly


 President Kyosuke Nagata connected with Tsukuba alumni in Bangkok on August 27, 2017 during the general assembly of the University of Tsukuba Thai Alumni Association. More than 40 alumni from all over Thailand, including Dr. Sombat Chinawon, president of the alumni association, gathered for the event. Most of the members are active in Thailand as university educators. They had the chance to reminisce together on their university days in Tsukuba filled with nostalgia.

 The 3rd Overseas Alumni Conference (OAC), to be held on September 26 during Tsukuba Global Science Week (TGSW), is drawing near. Dr. Sombat will be joining other international alumni and students representing 14 countries or regions for this annual event to further strengthen the international network of our university.

2017年8月27日、バンコク(タイ)で開催した筑波大学タイ校友会総会に永田恭介学長が出席しました。今回の総会には、校友会会長であるDr. Sombat Chinawongをはじめ、タイ全土から40名以上が出席しました。参加者の多くは、大学教員としてタイで活躍しており、皆、在学当時を感慨深く振り返っていました。
 来月9月26日(火)に開催するTsukuba Global Science Week(TGSW)第3回海外同窓生ネットワーク年次総会(OAC)では、