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A flashmob near Gangnam Station (1 Nov, 2017)


Hello, everyone.
This is Jungsub LEE from Korean Alumni Association.

I am trying to have a flashmob near Gangnam Station in Seoul on 1 Nov, 2017.

One of our manager member, Changhyun KIM visits Gangnam at that time.
This would be a great chance to get know-how for job searching in Japan.
He will tell us about his company, SAP which is one of the biggest company in ERP field in the world.

We will have the flashmob in Indian restaurant in Samsung Town.
(We will order the cheapest course meal : 25000 won)

The flashmob will start from 7:00 pm.
You do not have to be there on time, if you do not need dinner.

Just come and have fun with us.

Thank you.

Please bring your wine, as the restaurant does not receive the Corkage fee.

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