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Lecture of Dr. Ghourabi in Tunisia


Event : Lecture about Life, Studies and Research in Japan
Venue : Lycee Pilote of Medenine (South of Tunisia)
Date : Friday 5th January 2018

About 30 high school students (2nd and 3rd grades) attended the lecture. Many are manga and anime enthusiasts and excited to learn more about Japan!
In an attempt to increase the students' involvement, Dr. Ghourabi prepared few activities and encouraged discussion during the two sessions :

Session I: A glimpse into life and studies in Japan
Experience as a Tunisian student at the University of Tsukuba and process of MEXT scholarship were introduced

Session II: Research in science and technology - Significance, applications and emerging themes
Main steps of scientific research were explained
More details about this event in the report attached.

Report prepared by Dr.Fadoua Ghourabi,