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Marketing at Selangor Matriculation College


7th. Nov. 2017 - University of Tsukuba Kuala Lumpur Office joined Education Carnival 2017 at Selangor Matriculation College (KMS). The Carnival is joined by 20 local universities (mainstream public university, local and private universities) such as UTM, UM, UKM, USM and UiTM. There were also participation from international universities, like from Australia, South Korea and Taiwan joined the Carnival. Also joined were the local bank, Ministry of Health (Department of Food & Dietary) and National Agency of Higher Education Corporation (Department of Student Loan)
The one day Carnival program held at Dewan Antares (main hall of KMS) attracted almost all 2,000 students in KMS. It also receives students from nearby boarding school and normal schools in the district of Banting, Selangor