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UTHAA bid farewell to its first Kanji


UTHAA members gathered together in HCMC to bid farewell to their first President, Mr. Kotaro Suzuki, after the conclusion of his assignment as chief R.O. Vietnam with a Tokyo-based corporation in late June, 2016.

Suzuki san, together with UTHAA Vice President, Asuka Iura san, who already left HCM to pursue her advance study at GS Tsukuba Uni, have been the dedicated Kanji during their 2-yeear presidentship since the day UTHAA established with successful alumni networking activities.

UT R.O. in HCMC joined the event showing its continued support to the UTHAA and wished the former Kanji every success in their future endeavors.

At the gathering, it was also acknowledged that some of the UTHAA members are also member of other Japanese Uni /Alumni Societies and most of them have active group pages on Facebook, such as: Japanese Universities Alumni Club in HCMC/JUACH - a public group (; or those have connection with UT/Viet Tsukuba - a closed group (
UTHAA members are encouraged to disseminate the T-net among potential T-net members for a larger and more active UTHAA group.