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Career Talk held on campus / 就職課主催イベント「海外で学ぶっていいね 海外で働くっていいね」の開催に協力


On July 12, 2016, a talk on the topic of studying and working abroad was organized by the University of Tsukuba’s Career Development Office, Division of Career Services, and Global Commons on Tsukuba campus (Room 1C403, Building 1C).

The speaker, Kan Hasegawa, a patent attorney and a graduate of the University of Tsukuba, talked about his experiences working in Germany to a group of more than 40 students who joined the event.

The event was made possible with the cooperation of the University’s Bonn Office (who introduced Mr. Hasegawa to the Division of Career Services). Bon office is enhancing its networking activities with Tsukuba alumni in Germany and in neighboring countries, and also promoting active student exchanges by providing necessary platforms.
2016年7月12日、筑波キャンパス1C棟1C403教室にて、キャリアサポート部門・就職課、グローバル・コモンズ機構主催のイベント「海外で学ぶっていいね 海外で働くっていいね」が開催されました。