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Alumni Meeting was held in Bonn


On August 28th, 2017, an Alumni Meeting was held in Bonn. This time, the group had six visitors from Tsukuba. They stayed in Germany for a two-week long excursion and decided to stop by on their last evening, to say their good-byes and to have a last meal in Bonn together. Of course, current and former exchange students as well as the representative of the Bonn Office, Nishijima Yusaku, were also present.
The excursion of the group of students was part of a new program supporting students of the University of Tsukuba, who want to research overseas (namely はばたけ筑大生! 海外武者修行支援プログラム – Habatake Tsukudaisei! Program to support experience in traveling abroad).
The meeting took place in the comfortable innards of the German restaurant ‘Pendel’. While enjoying the huge platters of German and international cuisine, the change of one representative of the group was announced. Andre Zerbe will once again move to Tsukuba to advance his research and studies. He appointed Mike Tünker as his successor.

For more information on the program and other scholarships, see: (Japanese only)