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MBA-IB Tenth Anniversary Celebration and Homecoming


Please save the date for MBA-IB's Homecoming to celebrate the program's 10th anniversary!

*Part one: Symposium*
Place: Tokyo Campus, B-1 Hall
Date & Time: November 21, 2015; 17-15-19:30
Moderator: Professor Murphy
- Welcome: Program Chair Ono
- On the Founding Vision of MBA-IB: Professor Tsubaki, National Statistics Center, Professor Nagai
- Message from Main Campus Headquarters: Vice-President Benton
- Message from GSBS: Provost Yanaga
- Current Overview of MBA-IB: Program Chair Ono
- Future Vision of MBA-IB: Associate Professor Magnier-Watanabe
- Alumni/ae Panel: Entrepreneurship and MBA-IB
- Alumni/ae Panel: Academic Legacy of MBA-IB
- Alumni/ae Panel: Organizational/Career Legacy of MBA-IB
- Toast to MBA-IB Future

*Part Two: Party*
Place: Aoi Napoli (
Time: 20:00-22:00
Price: JPY6,000, including all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink buffet

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