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Tsukuba alumni family gathering


We have done our Tsukuba Alumni Family Gathering in Bandung west java Indonesia, in February 7th, 2016. A lot of the members bring their children, some were born in Japan, the other attended the primary or secondary school when there were accompanied their parents in Tsukuba. They among 50 people attended this occasion.
The event is opened by introducing each member, then we saw the photos and video when we were in Tsukuba, after that playing the game with questioning about Tsukuba and the circumstances, where for whom could answer the question got the present (door prize). Every member brought the present, make a question and give it to the member who can answer the question.
We were very happy and nostalgic about our lives in Tsukuba
We are still tracking the members, and we established the area coordinator for Banda Aceh and North Sumatra, suburb of Jakarta, West Java, Central java, East Java and East Indonesia.